Katie Smith

Katie Smith – Herbalist

Katie is an herbalist, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor studying Integrative Therapies and Botany to better understand and communicate the importance of plant healing. She feels that the unique intelligence of plants provides us with vital emotional and energetic nutrition.
A Denver local, Katie has explored many parts of the world to gain a profound perspective of the wholeness of life. Through her traveling, studies and meditations, she has gained a respect for the connectiveness of life and has built a relationship with the plant world. She is the Chief Mixologist for the renowned Phia Lab products. She developed and refined the Phia Wellness Teas.
Improve your mental and emotional well-being by indulging in the wisdom of plants.
Nature contains all that we need for the vitality and well-being of mind and body.

Services: Plant/Flower Wisdom Consults, Plant/Flower Wisdom Workshops.