Evelyn Pate

Evelyn Pate – Skin Care Specialist

Evelyn has always had a strong sense of empathy and need to care for others. This altruistic nature has been the driving force in her esthetics career. Growing up Evelyn was a sufferer of acne, and knows first handedly how “bad skin” can affect your life, confidence,and mood. As an Aveda Institute graduate Evelyn is no stranger to promoting wellness through her services. She aspires to help others see themselves in positive manner through her holistic approach to skincare and esthetics. Evelyn not only loves skincare, but also has a passion for brows. After completing the permanent makeup program at College of International Esthetics, Evelyn is excited to share her love of brows through this medium.

Outside of the spa Evelyn enjoys reading and painting. She always has an unsolicited song recommendation, as she is constantly listening to music. And in true Colorado native fashion Evelyn thoroughly enjoys outdoor activities, especially really long bike rides.